TALLER DE LA ROSA is a Mexican fashion house, founded in México City in 2018 by Jessica De La Rosa.

Both masculine and feminine, often times fusing genders, it travels outside the boundaries of the sexes; a meeting between expressions of the modern world; playing on contrasts; breaking rules and classical norms.

TALLER reinvents and redefines classic silhouettes, reflecting a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance, focusing on fine fabrics and the perfect fit.

The TALLER is founded with a single dress code for all: the uniform "simple cuts, white t-shirts," rebellion against the dominate trends of the time: long, slender silhouettes shown on unidentified models.

Each garment is marked with a plain white label, fastened by four stitches, which can be cut and removed to render the garment anonymous.

One-of-a-kind garments created from natural deeds and unique fabrics that we collect specially for TALLER, infused into the collections and labelled "Artesanal".